introducing the juizebox!

The most affordable, reliable, uninterrupted, silent power source in
South Africa!

juizy update

the battle for a little power rages on!
as loadshedding recently became an even bigger reality, and the juizebox became more popular than anticipated,
we are currently completely out of stock!  
Forward us your contact details to, and we will contact you as soon as the next shipment arrives!

affordable power for everyone!

Uninterrupted power for your essentials:
Combining UPS and inverter technology, and powered by a new generation
lithium battery, it provides uninterrupted power for your essentials:

TV + WIFI - for up to 5.5 hours
10 LED LIGHTS - for up to 5 hours
280 LITRE FRIDGE - for up to 7 hours
LAPTOP COMPUTER - for up to 15 hours
DESKTOP COMPUTER - for up to 4 hours

The cost of a full charge is only R1.10!

* These estimations may vary depending on usage combinations and scenarios.

portable, convenient and versatile!

The juizebox offers unrivalled capability at a fraction of the price of similar solutions.
The priceless take-away is peace of mind and an uninterrupted lifestyle.

Key Features

Battery Capacity:  12v 40A  444Wh

Uninterrupted, silent power
Combining UPS and inverter technology, it seamlessly switches between normal electricity and battery power
With built-in electronic charge management & overload protection
Fully portable: With a weight of only 4.8 kilograms
Dimensions:  290mm x 159mm x 158mm
Guaranteed for 1 year!

Convenient Connectors

2 x Standard 3-pin plug sockets
​(adapters included)

2 x 2 prong sockets
3 x DC 12v sockets
4 x USB sockets
1 x USB Type C socket
1 x car lighter socket

get your juizebox today!

We offer a 1 year guarantee, convenient payment options as well as national delivery.